Silk. Natural, reusable beauty.

Silk protects your hair, promotes growth and significantly reduces the need for wash and style products. Skin retains moisture and sleep-crease is eliminated.

At SILKUP it is our vision to support women to reduce reliance on products and chemicals with the highest quality 100% mulberry silk Luna hair wrap and pillowcase.

Silk Pillowcase

Nourish your hair and skin, with our pure mulberry silk pillowcase. Radiant skin and a cool night’s sleep.

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Organic & Reusable

Up to 4X longer between washes

SILKUP hair and beauty treatments are all natural, long lasting and help you reduce product use & transition to plastic free.


98% report immediate benefit

It can take a few weeks to start to see hair growth, however 98% of our customers report an overnight improvement in skin and hair feel.

No Comparison

37 times cheaper, cost per use

Our hair wrap will last at least a year, worn 365 nights. When compared to the price of mid-range overnight hair mask, Luna is 37 times cheaper.


The most comfortable and luxurious silk hair wrap you will ever own.

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“Really friendly customer support helped with my queries straight away and helped me pick the right size for my hair.”

– Celine James

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“Great service from SILKUP, fast delivery, and fantastic customer service.”

– Joanne Warren

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“Had a few questions about the silk luna and they got back to me really quickly, super helpful and would use again”

– Candice Tennant

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