Our Story

SILKUP was created by a team of colleagues with different hair types, who all knew of the benefits of sleeping in silk, yet none of us had found a perfect solution to wrapping our hair.

We found using a silk scarf could often come loose overnight, or layers of overlaid fabric could dig in and be uncomfortable. Whilst existing ready-made turban wraps worked for some; team members with Afro hair found the weight of braids or twists could cause the front-knot to pull against the forehead. One of our team with an undercut found that almost anything slipped off.

We realised that there wasn’t a comfortable, luxurious product that could fit all types of hair whilst staying put throughout the night.


We created Luna, our innovative
silk hair wrap to solve this problem.



Luna is 100% 22 momme Mulberry silk, featuring a soft jersey silk band with gentle elasticity. Designed to distribute the weight of your hair, the jersey silk band and structure of the bonnet provide a comfortable sleep.

All of this means your hair is protected, your locks are contained, your style is extended and you sleep like a Queen. The jersey silk band is made with a weaving technique that loops the threads to create elasticity naturally and is still 100% silk. No added man-made fibers. The band also seals your edges and protects baby hairs from tension caused by other hair wraps.