The Benefits of Sleeping in Silk

We all want to have stronger, healthier hair, spending money, time and effort making it look its best during the day. But have you ever thought about the damage you are causing at night when you lay your head down on your pillow?

Reduces breakage

Continuous contact with bed linen can tangle hairstyles, leading to breakage and 'bedhead'. Silk fibres are smooth and flat, gliding with your hair instead of against it thus keeping it naturally soft, moisturised and tangle-free.

Keeps hair moisturised

Silk doesn’t absorb moisture, however, it does wick excess oils to ensure the natural moisture in your hair is redistributed and reabsorbed along the entire length of your hair. Working like an overnight hair mask, silk will allow your hair to fully absorb all of the healing properties of any oils or deep conditioning and use it to its fullest ability.


Silk is a natural organic fibre, breathable and hypoallergenic making it an ideal solution for those with sensitive skin.

Superior quality

Our products are made with 100% 22 momme silk of the highest quality.

Promotes growth

Along with over-styling and chemically treating, hair breakage can also occur overnight as we toss and turn against bed linen. Silk will protect against this as it protects and does not abrade your tresses. The smoothness of silk reduces the thinning of hair encouraging new and existing hair growth.

Kinder to the Environment

All of our packaging is 100% recyclable, but it goes further than that. By using a silk wrap every night you have a hair mask that can be reused again and again, reducing the number of hair care products used. Fewer products mean less packaging, and less chemical runoff into the water system. Silk is also a natural fibre that biodegrades and can be recycled.

Reduces split ends

By working with your hair and not roughing up against it, silk fibres protect against abrasion reducing breakage and split ends, which prolongs the time between trims.

Maintains your style

The cling-free properties of silk can extend the life of your blow dry by two days, prolonging the benefits of treatments like keratin straightening, and keep your curls looking soft and bouncy. If you wear extensions, wrapping your hair in Luna will also ensure there's no tugging at your roots and reducing tangles.