6 Reasons Why Your Straight Hair Might Be Turning Wavy

Megan Dominion

You may notice that your straight hair is gradually turning wavy or even curly. Genetics, hormones, and the environment can all play a role in the change in your hair texture.

The most common reason for your hair changing in texture is hormones. Hormones can cause your hair to become wavy, or can even explain why your naturally curly hair has gone straight. Hormone changes, such as during pregnancy or menopause, can trigger changes in your body chemistry that can cause your hair to become more curly or wavy. Even if your hormones are stable, hormone fluctuations due to stress can also be a culprit.

There could be other factors to take into consideration, so here are the top 7 most common reasons your straight hair might be turning wavy or curly:

1. Change in in Hormones

As we’ve mentioned, hormones play a huge role in the texture, thickness, and general health of your hair. A change in hormones can affect the texture of your hair, making it more wavy.

2. Diet Change

Did you know that eating an increased amount of processed foods, processed sugars, and unhealthy fats can cause your hair to become more brittle, and therefore appear more wavy? Try take notice of your diet as this definitely has an effect on your hair strength and health. Brittle hair tends to become wavy and is prone to slit ends and breakage, so it is important to ensure you’re eating a balanced diet including healthy fats and proteins, which will help keep your hair strong and supple, and less likely to lose its straightness.


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3. Change in in Humidity

When humidity increases, the water molecules in the air tend to attach to each strand of hair, causing it to become frizzy and wavy. If you’ve recently moved to a new city or climate, and have started to notice a wave in your hair, the change in humidity could be the reason. As someone with curly hair and who lives by the coast, I love travelling inland where the humidity is lower and enjoy a change in hair texture while I’m there!

4. Hairstyle

Certain hairstyles can make your hair appear wavier. If you’ve recently had a trim or got your haircut into a new shape and style, your hair could be lying differently and accentuating any waves in your hair that would usually lie flat. Layers are a good example of a hairstyle technique that can add a bit of wave or ‘movement’ to your straight hair.


5. Pollution

Pollution in the air can also have an affect on how your hair looks. Excess pollutants can cause your hair to look dry and brittle. If you’re struggling to keep your hair clean from pollution, try adding a clarifying shampoo to your routine for an extra good clean once every two weeks or so.

6. Age

Hair tends to change over time, especially as you age. As you get older your hair might start losing its natural straightness due to (once again) hormones or genes. Grey hair also tends to be thicker and more brittle in most people which can have an affect on the texture of your overall hair too.

There are many factors that can be affecting the texture of your hair. If your hair is healthy, then why not embrace and enjoy the change! Try out a new hairstyle, or add extra volume to your type 2 hair with these tips. If you are concerned about your hair transformation, chat to your hair stylist or doctor to rule out anything serious.

Megan Dominion

Megan Dominion is SILKUP's Managing Editor. She's been down both the curly hair and skincare rabbit holes many times and loves that there's always something new to learn; a new science, method, product or personal experience.