Do Silk Pillowcases Prevent Wrinkles?

Hollie Shirley / Hair & Skincare Editor

Can silk pillowcases really prevent wrinkles?

We all know that getting enough sleep is beneficial for both our physical and mental wellbeing and what we sleep on or in can impact the quality and quantity of our beauty sleep. But can sleeping on silk pillowcases prevent wrinkles from appearing on our face?

Why do we get wrinkles?

Before we dive into how you can prevent wrinkles, it’s important to understand that they are a normal part of the ageing process, and we should embrace them as a part of us.  

As we age, our skin gets thinner as we stop producing as much collagen (this normally happens in our late 30’s and early 40’s) which makes our skin look less plump and youthful.  This, in turn, means that the two different types of wrinkles we can get will appear more prominent. 


Dynamic wrinkles develop due to repeated muscle movements, such as smile lines around the mouth and eyes and expression lines on your forehead. 

Static wrinkles caused by environmental factors, lifestyle habits and the ageing process. These wrinkles are visible even when your face is at rest and often deepen over time.

The easiest ways to prevent wrinkles from appearing as quickly are having a good diet, not smoking, using SPF daily and avoiding sun exposure for long periods.  Getting enough sleep is also paramount, as when you don’t get enough sleep, the body produces excess cortisol, a hormone that breaks down skin cells.  At some point in our lives, we will all experience wrinkles so unless you wish to go under the knife or needle, there is no way to get rid of them altogether.


How can silk pillowcases help?

Sleeping on a rough cotton surface can irritate your skin and compress your face for long hours at a time, resulting in wrinkles, or sleep creases as they are more commonly known.

While most wrinkles are caused by the facial expressions we make while we’re awake (and completely perfect and normal), these deeper sleep creases occur from the compression of sleeping on a cotton pillowcase on your face, neck and body – ever woken up with lines all over your chest from your covers?

Cotton and polyester are naturally absorbent, so anything you are putting onto your skin will be absorbed by your pillowcase, along with sweat and dead skin. All of this can result in a breeding ground for bacteria which can cause a whole host of skin issues.


Silk is a better option than cotton alone, as the fabric doesn’t create friction and helps prevent chafing and rubbing on the skin. Also, it helps retain moisture, which can be beneficial in wrinkle prevention. Silk is also naturally hypoallergenic, meaning it can be beneficial for people with sensitive skin or allergies which can affect their skin.  

The smooth, flat surface of a mulberry silk pillowcase can help reduce pressure on your face, allowing your face to smoothly move around at night. In turn, the silk can help to stop those noticeable sleep creases, by eradicating the pressure on your face. 

Because silk is a breathable material, unlike its cotton or polyester counterparts it will make for a cooler and more comfortable night’s sleep. This, in turn, can help you to sleep better and deeper, which means you wake up feeling rested, and your skin will have that healthy glow we all crave. Thanks to its moisture-wicking properties, your silk pillowcase will help any overnight creams, masks and other facial treatments stay where they were intended to be – on your face. Silk will keep your treatments on your face allowing your skin to absorb them deeper. The result? Waking up with smoother, moisturised skin.


Think of our silk pillowcases as skincare supplements—not the ultimate solution but able to provide a benefit to eradicate deep sleep creases, and create a more comfortable sleep environment

In short, our silk pillowcases won’t eradicate wrinkles – nothing will, no matter the claims made by anti-ageing creams and wrinkle treatments. But why would we want them to? They are a part of what makes you, well, you! So using a silk pillowcase will certainly keep these wrinkles to a minimum, and lend to a more comfortable night’s sleep. 



Hollie Shirley
Hair & Skincare Editor

Hollie Shirley is SILKUP’s hair and skincare editor. She’s obsessed with all things hair care and results-driven skincare, that is kind to the environment and your wallet. She has a weakness for limited edition eyeshadows and is always testing out the newest and greatest deep conditioners. Hollie has a passion for hair and is studying Trichology, working towards becoming a Member of the Association of Registered Trichologists.