Holiday Hair Care Tips

Hollie Shirley / Hair & Skincare Editor

The summer months are on their way, which means we are likely looking forward to some fun in the sun and beachy hair vibes. Here are 5 easy tips to caring for your hair in the heat 

Get a UV protection for your hair 

We all know how damaging the sun’s UV rays are to our skin, but we often forget our hair. Damage from UVA and UVB rays can damage your hair from the inside, causing dryness,  breakage, and split-ends. Investing in a UV protecting shampoo and conditioner will offer active protection against this, and left your hair less salty and straw-like, more smooth and silky 


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Don’t get sunburn on your head 

Slapping traditional suncream on your scalp won’t be enough in this instance. It is more likely to leave you with a greasy scalp and clump in your hair, so invest in a good scalp sunscreen to protect your head from sunburn. These normally come in a spray oil formula and don’t forget to apply as often as you do sunscreen everywhere else. Also, don’t forget a hat. Not only will you look good, but you’ll also be protecting your hair and head from the rays. As if you needed another excuse to purchase the perfect poolside hat.



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Leave your straighteners at home 

Your hair is going to be frazzled enough thanks to the heat, humidity, the sand, and sunshine, so leave the straighteners at home. Opt instead for natural styling such as braids to add texture. After washing, rough dry your hair with a microfiber towel, add a curl defining cream or salt spray to your hair and pull into a plait for loose waves, or pigtails for a more defined finish.  


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Consider a salon treatment  

If you know that your hair doesn’t respond to summer holidays particularly well, it might be a good idea to consider treatments to help it along before you go, such as keratin or a Brazilian blow dry to eliminate frizz and make it a little more manageable.  

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 De chlorine your hair after every dip in the pool 

When you’re on holiday, chlorine from the pool can be one of the worst things for your hair. So unless you want to don a very chic swimming cap, the best thing you can do is prep your hair for the pool. Wash your hair under cool water before you get in – your hair can only absorb so much water, so you’ll limit the amount it can take on if it’s already wet.  Apply a pool-specific product like Philip Kingsley swim cap, which contains UV protection and protects against the effects of chlorinated and salt water. Read more about chlorine protection here.


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Hollie Shirley
Hair & Skincare Editor

Hollie Shirley is SILKUP’s hair and skincare editor. She’s obsessed with all things hair care and results-driven skincare, that is kind to the environment and your wallet. She has a weakness for limited edition eyeshadows and is always testing out the newest and greatest deep conditioners. Hollie has a passion for hair and is studying Trichology, working towards becoming a Member of the Association of Registered Trichologists.