5 Tips to Prevent Your Hair Getting Greasy While you Sleep

Hollie Shirley / Hair & Skincare Editor

Why does my hair get greasy overnight? It’s a question we get so often from our readers and we think we have the solutions…


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Why your hair gets greasy overnight

Hair gets greasy overnight as at night time your body produces more sebum. A normal substance, sebum coats and protects your hair shaft providing that glossy shine. Dirty pillowcases, washing too little or too often, and agitation as you sleep can all contribute to over production. That said, there is nothing unhealthy about having greasy hair it is more a personal preference but for most it can be a tad discomforting when our hair becomes too greasy. Particularly if oil from the hairline seeps to the forehead, which may in turn cause pimples along the hairline and forehead. If your scalp is a little over-excited at night and you’re waking with hair that needs washing again, read on to find out how to break the cycle.

Our 5 Tips to on How to Keep Your Hair from Getting Greasy Overnight

1. Invest in hair shampoos that are specially formulated for oily roots 

If you have noticed that your hair is becoming unusually greasy, then it is time to switch to products that are specifically designed for your hair type. Wash your hair with a shampoo for oily roots to help regulate the amount of grease on your scalp and stick to a lightweight conditioner – your hair still needs moisture, so don’t neglect this.

2. Embrace dry shampooing 

Dry shampoos are great for lifting roots and promoting hair volume. They also absorb the excess sebum concentration of your hair. Dry shampoo is one hair product to definitely have on your shelf.  

Simply spray a generous amount of dry shampoo into your hair before you sleep and overnight it will absorb the oils. Just remember to brush it out thoroughly in the morning and don’t use this every night. Fine out more about if Dry Shampoo is bad for your hair.

3. Detangling sprays 

Let’s be frank: conditioners are great, but they can weigh your hair down. Did you know that hair conditioners are supposed to be massaged onto hair ends and not onto the scalp? So instead of doing the regular routine conditioner method, try using a detangling spray that smoothens your hair without the heaviness associated with conditioners. 

4. Wearing your hair in a bun / pineapple 

Sleeping with your hair up in a bun or pineapple can be one of the greatest lifesaving tools you can deploy in your war against greasy hair. This is because oil from the roots are unable to get through to the rest of the strands when your hair is tied up. 

To sleep with your hair up, simply tie hair into a super loose knot with a silk scrunchie to avoid abrasion. Curly girl devotees may know this as “pineappling“.

5. Sleep on silk

Your pillowcase fabric plays a vital role in how greasy your hair gets especially at night. Cotton pillowcases absorb more grime, bacteria, dead skin cells, and sweat more than fabric such as silk. Basically they get dirty quickly and need to be washed very often to stop contributing to greasy hair from buildup. Secondly and almost counter intuitively cotton abraids and dries your hair shaft, making it brittle and dry from root to tip. This then causes over production of sebum in the sebaceous glands in your scalp, much like how over washing your hair makes it greasy.

Endeavor to sleep on silk and ensure that you wash your pillowcases regularly. A dirty pillowcase can also be causing acne breakouts.

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These 5 tips will help you to keep your hair from getting greasy overnight. Even though greasy hair is not actually unhealthy, practising these tips above will certainly keep your hair in great condition.

What if my hair is greasy straight after I’ve washed it?

This could very likely be caused by build up on your hair, or the products you are using not cleaning your hair sufficiently. Try a clarifying shampoo to give your hair a thorough clean and remove any product build up that’s creating that greasy feel to your hair.

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Hollie Shirley
Hair & Skincare Editor

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