What is Bacne?

Megan Dominion

Bacne is a portmanteau (two words joined together) of “back” and “acne” to form the simpler “bacne.” How quaint! Dictionary corner aside, there’s a few things to know above all else when it comes to bacne.

  1. It’s perfectly normal
  2. Anyone can get bacne at any time
  3. It’s perfectly normal

Girl showing back

Despite how normal a spotty back may be, there is no shaming bacne and there’s no shaming wanting to get rid of it either. It’s wedding season coming up and I’ve got $300 worth of backless DVF in the closet so now that we know what it is, if you’re keen to know how to prevent, reduce or rid of bacne then check out our other articles including what is bacne and how to get rid of back acne.

Megan Dominion

Megan Dominion is SILKUP's Editor. She's been down both the curly hair and skincare rabbit holes many times and loves that there's always something new to learn; a new science, method, product or personal experience.