The most comfortable and luxurious silk hair wrap you will ever own.

Our 100% super soft silk hair wrap made from the finest 22 momme mulberry silk protects your hair from damage..., improves the feel and condition and prolongs your style by up to four days. The Luna silk hair wrap is made for all women, and comes in two sizes to fit all hair types. View more

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What Does a Silk Hair Wrap Do?


Sleeping in silk helps maintain the natural curl pattern and definition of your hair meaning you can go longer between wash and refresh days, saving you both time and money. The natural protein qualities of silk make it the ideal beauty treatment for your hair, preventing the stripping of essential oils and ensuring your hair maintains the moisture it needs to thrive.


Luna has been designed with a silk jersey band, which ensures sleeping in our silk wrap keeps your hair soft and silky whilst being exceptionally comfortable.


Normal bed linen is abrasive to your hair cuticles causing it to break and tangle. Sleeping in a silk cap will prevent nightly damage by reducing the amount of tangling, matting, breakage and split ends.

Saves time

Keeping your hair contained in a silk hair wrap will preserve your style overnight. Imagine waking up in the morning without the need to spend hours on your hair. Revamp your style and do your scalp a favour. Sleep in a silk hair wrap today and see the difference from the very first night.