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Nichola Stott operates the SILKUP website (the “Service”) as a sole trader. This page informs you of our policies regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of Anonymous Information when you use our Service. We will not use or share your information with anyone except as described in this Privacy Policy. As of May 1st 2023 we do not collect or store any contact information, such as email addresses and any data that was held has been expunged in accordance with the GDPR.


We use Ezoic for advertising to help monetize our content and fund our writing and research. You can read Ezoic specific privacy here.

Automated Data Collection

Much like many digital platforms, both ourselves and our affiliated third-party collaborators may gather data you furnish us with and data related to your device and engagement with the Services during your visits or interactions. To accomplish this, we utilize an array of technologies including cookies and other tracking mechanisms such as pixels, SDKs, APIs, scripts, location-related technologies, and logging technologies. These technologies aid us and our third-party collaborators in accumulating and storing the data detailed in this segment (and further elaborated upon in subsequent segments) to serve our respective purposes.

The scope of automatically collected data encompasses:

– Device Insights: This includes details such as internet protocol (IP) address, operating system, device model and version, browser model and version, browser identification, accessed URL, originating page, date/time of the visit, additional user agent information, time duration spent on our Services, and any incidents of errors encountered while using our Services. There might be instances where device data overlaps with other categories listed below.

– Analytics and Usage Statistics: We gauge the route undertaken within our Services, navigation through our Services, and departure from our Services, as well as activities and interactions within our Services (such as viewed pages, clicked links, watched videos). We may gauge email engagement, determining the opening of emails and interactions with attachments or links (facilitated by elements like pixels, detailed subsequently). We could also employ third-party tools to capture information you provide us or data pertaining to your Service usage. These tools may track mouse movements, scrolling patterns, clicks, and keystrokes, as well as other online behaviors like browsing, searching, or purchasing actions. These tools might also record data you input while utilizing chat features or other functions in our Services.

– Location Particulars: This encompasses geographical data that may be acquired by us or our third-party collaborators, possibly through permissions granted within the application’s operating system or browser functionality.

– Advertising and Measurement Data: We accumulate data relevant to your interaction with advertisements on our Services, encompassing views and clicks on ads. We assign identifiers such as cookie IDs or other proprietary or digital designations (e.g., iOS IDFA, Google AAID) to your device. The advertising-related data extends to metadata from the device, analytics and usage data, and location information detailed above. These insights aid in advertising delivery, whether personalized or not, and in assessing ad campaign effectiveness. For a more comprehensive overview of our data collection and online advertising strategies, refer to the section titled “Our Approach to Third-Party Data Collection and Online Advertising” within this Privacy Policy.

It is crucial to note that both ourselves and our third-party associates may combine automatically gathered information with other details you decide to furnish us with. Further insights on managing cookies and specific tracking technologies on your device can be found in the “Controlling Your Data” section below. For more exhaustive information about our utilization of these technologies and data for advertising purposes, kindly review the “Third-Party Data Collection and Online Advertising” section that follows.

Data Sourced from External Parties

We also source personal data from third-party entities, often merging it with information obtained automatically or directly from individuals. To illustrate, the identical categories of personal data as described earlier might be provided to us by the following third-party sources:

– Interaction with Other Users: Information may be relayed to us by other users who engage with our Services.

– Collaborative Partners: Our business associates, encompassing entities offering products or services on our Services or other platforms (including digital spaces and offline locations), may supply us with your data. Marketing, advertising, and analytics partners, as well as third-party brands/agencies, are included. These partners facilitate the exchange of advertising inventory, gauge ad campaign efficiency, and provide business analytics.

– Social Media Platforms: When individuals interface with our Services through various social media networks, the data shared with us might include profile insights and additional information permitted by the individual. This aids in enabling account logins, interacting with fellow users on social platforms, comprehending our visitor demographics, and customizing content and advertising. It is advisable for individuals to review and adjust privacy settings on third-party sites and social networks prior to sharing or linking information.

– Authentication Services: Certain portions of our Service grant access through third-party authentication services, like Facebook or Google. These services authenticate the user’s identity and offer the option to share specific personal data with us. This data is contingent on the policies and privacy settings of the third-party digital platform. The acquired information is used for account authentication, service provision, user communication, and advertising/marketing purposes.

– Service Providers: Third-party service providers conducting operations on our behalf, such as payment processing or marketing/advertising and analytics tasks, may share personal data with us.

– Data Providers: At times, we may acquire information from third-party data providers to rectify or supplement personal data. This could encompass updated contact information or demographic insights.

– Additional Sources: Personal information not otherwise obtainable may be collected from publicly accessible sources, third-party data providers, brand affiliations, or transactions like mergers and acquisitions.

Your understanding of this revised policy ensures a clearer comprehension of data practices and privacy measures.

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