Historically reserved for Royal and aristocratic houses only; now you too can have the pleasure and luxury of a silk comforter in your boudoir! Change the way you sleep and channel your inner Bridgerton to give your bedroom an instant feel of glamour.

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  • Summer Cotton Covered Light Weight Silk Comforter



  • Summer Cotton Covered Silk Comforter



  • Washable Cotton Covered Silk Comforter



  • All Season Cotton Covered Silk Comforter



  • Summer Silk Covered Silk Comforter



  • All Season Silk Covered Silk Comforter



Why buy a silk comforter?

Silk is the strongest natural fibre on earth. It is made from silkworms, and composed of a protein called fibroin, which contains many amino acids. The natural properties of the fibroin fibre and the length of the thread give silk its soft and smooth feel, which has made it a prized possession for over 4000 years.

Silk is considered the perfect choice when it comes to sleep, because it can also bring benefits to hair and skin. The glossy frictionless material prevents frizzy hair, keeping locks smooth and soft. For people with acne or allergies, silk makes for a healthier option as it’s highly resistant to mites and dust. It can also help regulate your body temperature too, so it’s ideal if you tend to wake up in hot sweats at night.